Free Battery Installation


Motorcycle won’t start? Battery dead and in need of replacing?

Motorcycle Towing Toronto is offering FREE battery installation with the purchase of a new Yuasa battery. Grab this offer NOW!

FREE Battery Installation Includes:

  1. Initial charge of new battery
  2. Initial sealing of new battery (if necessary)
  3. All tools brought by Motorcycle Towing Toronto, all you need is your key
  4. Removal of seat or sidepanel for access to battery
  5. Disconnection and removal of old battery
  6. Connection and testing of new battery

Get a fresh battery installed without ever having to leave your property. Yuasa is a household name when it comes to motorcycle batteries. Unlike cheap Made in China, your Yuasa battery will be made in Japan, Taiwan, or the United States.

Terms and Conditions :

  1. Battery to be paid for in advance.
  2. Access to motorcycle/battery must be unobstructed.
  3. No refunds or returns.

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