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Our Story

“When I graduated from university I worked at a busy Toronto motorcycle dealership. I was young and naïve and it shocked me every time a customer would tell me that the cost of getting their motorcycle towed was more than the cost of the service work they needed to get their motorcycles back on the road.

A lot of motorcyclists had taken me under their wings as a kid. I was taught to treat all motorcyclists like they were family. It bothered me that there were no affordable options to help motorcyclists get their motorcycles home or to a shop when they were in need.

I started offering a professional-quality tow with, while keeping my costs down, so I could keep my prices fair. My truck is sixteen years old. My lift was purchased second hand. But both are in excellent shape, well maintained, and let me help motorcyclists without having to charge them an arm and a leg.

In my spare time I make A LOT of free how-to content to help motorcyclists fix their motorcycles themselves, and help avoid breakdowns and trouble in the first place. Whether you’re able to sort yourself out by watching my walkthroughs and videos, or you need me to come to get your motorcycle, I just hope my efforts can help you enjoy motorcycling, appreciate your motorcycle, and get you riding again soon.

– Adrian
Motorcycle Towing Toronto

Our Present

I’ve worked in the motorcycle industry in Toronto for nearly a decade, both for a dealership and for manufacturers like Harley-Davidson Canada.

I also run, a motorcycle website with over 1,000 free informative articles and how-to’s that have helped over 1 million motorcyclists from all over the world.

I put out a lot of how-to content and try my best to show motorcycles how to save a few bucks along the way. Working on motorcycles and helping riders out is what I do.

I’d love the opportunity to talk to you and show you what I can do to help you out. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so I can give you a quote for a motorcycle tow.

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Over fifteen years riding motorcycles, year round since 2007.


Over a decade working in the motorcycle and powersports industries since 2011.


Over five years towing motorcycles for various dealerships across the Greater Toronto Area.


Over one thousand motorcycles helped get back on the road!

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