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Our Story

“For two years I answered calls, filled out work orders, and cashed out customers at a busy Toronto motorcycle dealership. Customers told me that the cost of getting their motorcycle towed was more than the cost of the service work they needed.

I recognized that there was a problem: The motorcycle towing option that existed was professional, but their overhead was too high to offer riders an affordable price.

The solution was clear: Offer motorcyclists a professional-quality tow with, while keeping costs down, and my prices fair. I started doing that, and people seemed to really appreciate it.”

– Adrian
Motorcycle Towing Toronto

Our Present

I’ve worked in the motorcycle industry in Toronto for nearly a decade, both for a dealership and for manufacturers like Harley-Davidson Canada.

I also run, a motorcycle website with over 1,000 free informative articles and how-to’s that have helped over 1 million motorcyclists from all over the world.

I put out a lot of how-to content and try my best to show motorcycles how to save a few bucks along the way. Working on motorcycles and helping riders out is what I do.

I’d love the opportunity to talk to you and show you what I can do to help you out. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so I can give you a quote for a motorcycle tow.

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Humble beginnings, <20 motorcycles towed in Toronto.


30+ motorcycles towed. Our customers saved $65+ on average.


Over 50+ tows. Ten customers mentioned saving over $100 by choosing us.


Over 50+ tows. Committed to keeping our $50 minimum rate despite gas prices rising in recent years.

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